JOB HIRING: Volunteer: Environmental Research Project in Costa Rica

Nov 17, 2019

Global Nomadic - Melbourne is currently looking for a volunteer on Environmental Research Project in Costa Rica. The goal of this project is study the environment, thus improving your research skills, and sharing your results with the wider scientific community. This way, we can reinforce each others knowledge and promote environmental conservation and sustainability.

If you wish to join our long term research (inventory) on the biodiversity of our private reserve, we would welcome you to our project. Research options are open to all different levels of expertise and experience. In addition to conducting long term research, you can also visit our project to conduct your own research topic. We will supervise and guide you towards a successful research methodology.

To apply, click HERE.

To engage in latest trends, developments and opportunities in environmental awareness and protection across Australia and Latin America, join our community at Climate Change Group.

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