Fashion for Purpose - Sydney

Nov 25, 2019

Hola! Somos21 Sydney in collaboration with Paxy, a jewellery social enterprise, invite you to a night full of culture, talent and purpose. Fashion for Purpose brings together American and Australian organisations that are making a positive impact on the planet and/or the community.

Enjoy the music of Kieran & GG and get inspired by amazing initiatives and why not some Christmas shopping with a purpose! Meet like-minded and empowered women in the fashion industry including Nina Segura (The Why project), Nancy Torres (Paxy), Susan Hansen (, Camilla Schippa (The Social Outfit), Paola Montaña (Tonsuca), and Alisha Jayne (Faebella) who each will share their success stories and their contribution to creating a better world.

Proceeds for this event will go to the fundraising project of BeWe Community which aims to complete 270,000 liters of clean water for 1,200 Wayuu indigenous people in La Guajira, Colombia. 

BeWe believes in the transformation of lives in communities in a state of vulnerability through guaranteeing access to drinking water, this being the generating base for sustainable development.

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