DeltaX is Bolivia’s first logistics startup for freight

Mar 15, 2020

An emerging logistics startup in Bolivia by the name of DeltaX presented its very first product, an app, last Wednesday (13). Key reps, both from the startup and its collaborating partners, explained how it can assist truckers and companies to make the supply chain process in Bolivia more efficient.

While the product has been showcased to the media, DeltaX is currently running test runs with major companies like Coca Cola-Embol.

Platform perks

The startup itself hosts its solutions via the application and a platform on its website. 

Via the mobile app, truckers can receive notifications regarding pickup or drop-off requests. As generic as it sounds, it’s like Uber’s service, but for trucking. This should lead to less downtime for them, higher truck occupancy rates, and of course, more income for these truckers. 

Meanwhile, operators can make freight requests over DeltaX. As their goods are being moved, they can oversee and track their location. The logistics startup also allows these users to view the documents related to the transportation of their goods on the platform. 

Unlike other marketplaces, the startup doesn’t fade into the background once a company and trucker have been connected. But rather, DeltaX has a central control room in Santa Cruz, Bolivia where they monitor the ongoings and centralize the data.

Further down the road, DeltaX may add additional tech-related features to its app. Specifically, machine learning to further streamline the logistics process.  

Luis Fernando Ortiz founded the startup last year and is its current CEO.

DeltaX, the first of its kind?

DeltaX just might be the first Bolivian startup to tender to freight. And it’s a good thing too, as efficiency has long been absent in that industry everywhere.

Now, given it’s the first to market in Bolivia, that has its share of pros and cons.

On the upside, it means it has the market for itself, and be the first users (hopefully) fall in love with.

On the downside, it also falls completely on DeltaX and DeltaX alone to educate potential customers and users in Bolivia on why their solution is useful. Not to mention demystify any concerns regarding the use of tech in the industry.


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