Victoria and Tasmania: Strong hand against those who do not respect the guidelines against COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020

Victoria's state premier Daniel Andrews announced that his state will implement level 3 of movement and activity restrictions beginning at midnight today.

If a person violates the rule that limits meetings to a maximum of two people, he will be fined $ 1,600.

"If you are outdoors or in your patio and in a meeting of more than two people, if you have invited friends for dinner or for drinks that do not reside in your home, then you are breaking the law," he explained on the morning of the Monday the premiere of Victoria, a state that registers 821 infections, of which 56 were added since yesterday.

The Prime Minister of Victoria, who did not rule out the possibility of declaring a state of disaster, assured that the tightening of the measures is to save lives.

"If we allow our health system to be invaded, then people will die. That is a price not worth paying. No meeting with friends is worth someone's life, "he said.

Andrews explained that many vulnerable people are exposed to maximum risk and there are also many people who have been healthy, without pre-existing medical conditions, in their 40s and 50s who have died in other parts of the world.

“It's not just about Grandma, it's about all of us. It's about all of us. Unless you want to bury an older relative or your best friend, or your parents, if they are younger, do the right thing. It is very, very simple. Stay home! ”Insisted the Labor politician.

 Tasmania records its first death

 With more than 4,000 cases, Australia continues to count deaths. Tasmanian Prime Minister Peter Gutwein today announced the death of a woman in her 80s. This death, the first on the island, brings the national total to 17.

He also said that if the person does not stay home or does not respect the limits to the meetings, which will last for at least four weeks, it will be considered an offense. The Tasmanian Police will be responsible for enforcing the law.

The premier also indicated that people who have a second property must choose a place since it will not allow movement between them.

New South Wales says cases are "stabilizing" 

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian said her jurisdiction "will take swift action to apply additional restrictions on meetings in order to reduce the speed of COVID-19."

This comment comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday night warned of a two-person limit for indoor and outdoor public gatherings.

The meeting limit will not apply to members of the same household or family units, Morrison said.

Berejiklian said the rule will apply from midnight on Monday, but Australians have been asked to observe it immediately.

"We want everyone to practice it from today," he said Monday morning.

"We want everyone to practice that throughout the day. I know that once everyone has assimilated the changes and once everyone has figured out what works for them, we will adapt. We will all think of innovative ways to overcome this as best we can."

New South Wales (NSW) authorities have urged villagers to follow health guidelines and isolate themselves, as the number of confirmed cases in the state stands at 1,791, of which 8 resulted in deaths.

NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said Sunday that 24 people were in intensive care but that no new deaths had been reported.

For her part, New South Wales Health Chief Kerry Chant said the 127 new cases of COVID-19 confirmed on Sunday represent a "stabilization" of infections.

174 new cases had been registered on Saturday and 212 on Friday.

"Although we are pleased that we have seen a stabilization in the number of cases, it is important to know that they can vary and jump from day to day, according to the test figures," Chant said Monday morning at a press conference.

"We have to be cautious and it is the long-term trend of that data that is going to be important."

Health personnel at risk

The state subsidiary of the Australian Medical Association warned that people with the virus were threatening the lives of doctors, health workers, their families and other patients, seeking treatment for other ailments while "hiding" their symptoms.

"There have been some disturbing incidents of people hiding their symptoms for treatment for other health problems," AMA (NSW) President Dr. Kean-Seng Lim said Monday on National Physician's Day.

Lim said the shortage of protective equipment meant that doctors were trying to limit its use to treat symptomatic people and that "it was not okay" for people with the virus to risk the lives of others.

"We know that doctors in other countries have already died as a result of the coronavirus. The deaths and high number of infections of healthcare workers would further test the ability of the healthcare system to respond to this pandemic," warned the doctor.


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