Pandemic Relief for International Students in Australia

May 18, 2020

Can you imagine how terrifying it must be to be stuck on the other side of the world, in a country that no longer seems to welcome you, with no way to get home, no job, no money left, no support network, and no change in sight? 

Can you imagine how grateful you would be if someone out there cared enough to just cover your groceries for one week? 

Why not be that someone?

Help us through Somos21 Sydney eliminate the #fear for the Latin American students suffering through the COVID-19 crisis in Australia. These are talented students that have been contributing to Australia with their jobs, taxes, fees, and social diversity.

While Australia is slowly starting to reopen, it will likely still be a long time before the thousands of international students who lost their jobs will be able to work again. Unlike their Australian counterparts, they are receiving no Federal Government benefits in the interim, making it extremely difficult for many to meet their basic needs. Donate and share now - to show them some true Australian hospitality and transform fear into gratitude."


For more information about this fundraising campaign, please click HERE.


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