Rappi launches into livestream business boosted by Colombian pop star Manuel Medrano

Jun 15, 2020


Contxto – It would appear that Rappi will leave no industry unexplored. Besides food and package deliveries, processing payments, and grocery shopping, there’s yet a new terrain to cover: livestreams.

And Colombian pop singer Manuel Medrano will be the first artist to host his concert on the unicorn’s app on June 19.

Manuel Medrano@manuelmedrano

Nos vemos este 19 de junio en concierto. 🔥 https://twitter.com/billboard/status/1270828340585381890 …


In the rapidly exploding world of online concerts, #Rappi, an unexpected and potentially massive player will test the waters of live entertainment starting with a concert by @manuelmedrano. http://blbrd.cm/GdpqSfx 


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Rappi live streams on its app

Sources at Billboard report that the two-time Latin Grammy winner was drawn to Rappi because of the large userbase on its app.

Rappi has a significant number of users who use the platform recurrently,” explained Sebastian Ruales, Global Head of SuperApp for Rappi

“Now, they can also find their favorite artists. It’s an added value for the Rappi platform where you’ll be able to do your transactions and also go to the events you want to go to. And we offer artists a monetizable platform where they can connect directly with over 25 million people. It’s a model with very clear monetization.”

Fans will pay a “small fee” to tune in and all viewer earnings will go directly to the artist. Meanwhile, Medrano will livestream his concert from a special studio Rappi set up. 

In exchange for these services, the unicorn will charge the artist a “small take.”

Rappi versus event startups

The Colombian unicorn’s biggest advantage over startups specializing in events is its large userbase. However, the experience it offers on its platform, as well as viewership levels, will determine if this new endeavor is a success or not.

At any rate, Rappi has plans to move forward with this service and is already closing deals with other performers.

If an interesting amount of people pay to watch these events, it won’t be long before more artists jump on apps—as opposed to just live streaming on YouTube.

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