Latam Airlines ceases operations in Argentina

Jun 19, 2020


After 15 years in operation in the Latin American country, Latam Airlines announced on Wednesday that it will end its operations in Argentina, both for passengers and cargo, indefinitely.

Latam was operating 12 domestic destinations in Argentina, as well as four international ones: Santiago (Chile), São Paulo (Brazil), Lima (Peru), and Miami (US). The international routes will now be operated by the other subsidiaries of the Latam Group, as soon as the Argentine government ends the restrictions on flights, in force until September. The company stressed that Latam Argentina is the only subsidiary of the group that will close operations.

“It is unfortunate but inevitable news. Today LATAM must focus on transforming the Group to adapt to aviation in the post-COVID-19 ”, stated Roberto Alvo, CEO of the Latam Airlines Group. “Argentina has been and will always remain a fundamental country. The other branches of the LATAM Group will continue to connect passengers from this country to Latin America and the world,” he added.

The company claimed that the closure is due to current conditions, worsened by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulty of building structural agreements with local industry players.

Latam Group filed for bankruptcy in the United States less than a month ago and has laid off 1,850 employees in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru after cutting 95% of its flights. In Argentina, the airline had 1,700 employees.

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