JOB HIRING: DevOps Engineer - Sydney

Jun 24, 2020

This position supports a US Based company network operation center and global network and infrastructure using English. Proficient English/Spanish (both verbal and written) are required. The ideal candidate must be self-motivated, work well independently, have excellent troubleshooting skills, and is passionate about DevOps, open-source software, servers, and data centers.

You have worked in agile environments that are project-oriented. You have automated anything you found yourself doing more than once using tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc. You have experience designing, deploying, operating, and supporting systems comprising hypervisors, storage, networking, and DNS.

The successful candidate must have strategic agility and good decision-making skills. You should also possess the ability to work well in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. The role requires keen planning skills along with the ability to lead through influence and to be a proactive partner with a strong customer-service orientation.

This function should be able to solve problems at a tactical and functional level, have excellent oral and written communication skills, a solid work ethic, and unquestioned integrity.


Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

● Experience with different DevOps tools such as Ansible, Terraform, Chef, Puppet

● Experience working with several different Linux distributions both on-premise and in the cloud

● Maintain and support the technical infrastructure - servers, firewalls, network devices

● Manage deployments of physical servers and network infrastructure (PXE / OS configurations/automation), coordinating with team members remotely performing hands-on work

● Troubleshoot server slowdowns and errant behavior, based on specific procedures

● Must be able to work a set schedule without any distractions



● 5+ years in IT, at least 2 years in a datacenter or network environment

● Fluent English, both spoken and written

● Strong proficiency in Linux with some exposure to *BSD, Windows

● Strong understanding of scripting (BASH, Python, and Ruby) in Linux and various DevOps automation tools

● Familiarity with different cloud environments including AWS, OpenStack, and similar platforms

● Experience with routing protocols (BGP, LLDP, ISIS, etc)


Special Consideration

● CCNA, JNCIA, etc

● University Degrees

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