Most hospitals collapse in Bolivia due to Covid pandemic

Jul 01, 2020


Bolivia’s Health Workers Union leader Fernando Romero said that about 20 of the country's 34 hospitals collapsed due to COVID-19 admissions and personnel infections.

Romero said: "Over 300 colleagues have been infected with coronavirus, and there is no choice but to do high-level disinfection and close for a couple of days, in addition to replacing colleagues with other colleagues, so there is a need for more contracts and supplies".

Several hospitals in La Paz stopped admitting people due to a lack of personnel and biosecurity equipment.

About 36 health care workers tested positive for the virus in the Bolivian-Dutch Hospital, in El Alto. In addition, 90 healthcare workers were isolated in Viedma Hospital in Cochabamba, after assisting asymptomatic patients who tested negative in the first PCR exam.

"There was a planning error: the government thought that only the Covid-19 hospitals would take care of the patients, but that was not the case; they were overtaken and the population had no choice but to go to the other hospitals," Romero said.

The post about “Most hospitals collapse in Bolivia due to Covid pandemic" first appeared on the ANF News website.


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