First Quantum Minerals supports fundraiser to help Latin American International Students

Jul 09, 2020


Somos21 extends its sincere gratitude to First Quantum Minerals who recently made a significant contribution of AUD $4000 towards Somos21 and E-WA Rotary’s Pandemic Relief for International Students. 


This generous donation will go towards purchasing supermarket e-vouchers for struggling Latin American students who have been hit hard by the ongoing effects of COVID-19.


In Latin America, First Quantum has a major mining operation in Panama, mine projects in Peru and Argentina and an Exploration office in Chile. 


"There are significant investment and personnel ties between the Australian and Latin American mining sectors, and we're really grateful to see mining sector leaders like First Quantum Minerals supporting students who may hope to join the sector when they are qualified," said Rotarian and Somos21 Perth chapter leader Kate McKenzie.


Students who have received grocery vouchers through the program to date have expressed their gratitude for those lending a hand during a time of great anxiety. 


These e-vouchers allow us to buy stuff that in these situations we cannot afford… things that help us to pass our first winter far from home. Buying coffee made us so happy, you don't know how we had missed it!” said Juan and Diana from Melbourne. 


Following the first stage of distribution, more than 100 students remained on a waiting list to be approved for vouchers. Thanks to the kind-hearted generosity of First Quantum Minerals and a multitude of charitable individuals, Somos21 and E-WA Rotary will be able to assist these new applicants and continue to extend the reach of its pandemic relief program. 



Tax deductible donations via Rotary Australia World Community Service can be made HERE


Latin American students in Australia who need assistance can apply HERE

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