Peru President: Government to continue fighting COVID-19, boosting economic recovery

Jul 16, 2020

By Andina 

President Martin Vizcarra on Wednesday affirmed that fighting the coronavirus pandemic and reinforcing measures to speed up Peru's economic recovery will become the main axes of his administration in this new stage.

As is known, a reshuffled Ministerial Cabinet —to be led by Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano— was sworn in earlier today.

In remarks to the press, before the beginning of a brand-new Council of Ministers session, President Vizcarra pointed out that the Peruvian State is gradually generating conditions for the economic reopening, while protecting citizens' health.

"Our objective is to contain the disease and enhance the health system," the Head of State underlined, indicating that efforts in this sector are being undertaken to complete what had been ignored for decades.

"In this new stage —and this is another great challenge— we will reinforce the measures to accelerate the economic recovery and get Peru back on the path of growth," the top official stated.

According to the statesman, the new Cabinet's commitment is to redouble efforts so that the economy grows, thus generating more investmentsjobs, and opportunities for all Peruvians.

"We do not forget that one of the priorities addressed during this pandemic is the closing of gaps, and that is why we will continue working to improve health (services) and high-quality inclusive education for all Peruvians in the coast, highlands, and jungle," he said.

The President mentioned that another government axis is to enhance institutional quality and strengthen democracy prior to next year's general elections.

"We must continue with (implementing) the reforms that the country expects (...) it is important to build strong, efficient, and representative institutions," he remarked.

The statesman also affirmed that —thanks to this new, consistent, and renewed Ministerial Cabinet— it will be possible to move forward and comply with the set goals.

"We will do so by putting all our efforts, as Peruvians do day by day, to build the Peru of the future," he concluded.

Following the presidential statement, the first Council of Ministers session —led by Prime Minister Cateriano— kicked off.

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